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Private Personal Training

Fascial Stretch Therapy

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"Ask yourself what you really want for your health and fitness, you can have it, you deserve it, but you have to embrace the lifestyle needed to achieve it."

Jeremy cocchetto


Jeremy Cocchetto has been assisting Personal Training clients achieve their health and fitness goals as his primary career since 2007. He has had the opportunity to work with a diverse demographic of clients, accruing over 20, 000 hours of 1-on-1 experience. Over this time Jeremy has built a loyal client base that have utilized his services for years, recognizing it as one of the best ways  to maintain optimal health in their lifestyle. In 2014 Jeremy became a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, adding a new dynamic to his services that clients embraced.

"Here at LIV TRU Fitness, my mission is to assist individuals that are ready to take on the responsibility of implementing habits into their life that support their personal health and fitness goals. Part of that is the time we spend together in our sessions, but a huge part of this process is offering solutions and guidance for clients to implement on their own during every other hour of the day to truly create lasting results and habits".

"I firmly believe embracing habits that enhance your overall health and fitness will enhance every aspect of your life, setting up this framework that supports basic health will be the catalyst for all other fitness goals such as weight loss, strength and muscular development etc., without the basic framework being a norm, these fitness goals become very difficult to achieve, and this is what I encourage all clients to attain first to create the most effective, efficient, and long lasting changes."

To your success,

Jeremy Cocchetto



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"Jeremy is a highly experienced, knowledgeable, results focused trainer. He got me the results I wanted fast and safe."


"Finding the right fit is always important but finding the right personal fitness trainer when you are getting older is essential for success. Jeremy made sure he understood my needs and goals, as well as my real and perceived limitations. He guided me step by step through various exercises and routines so that I gained confidence to do things I never dreamed of doing. He challenged me, adding weights and repetitions but never made me want to quit. I have been through a psychological as well as physical transformation and the best proof is that I enjoy activities I used to fear and that there is almost nothing I would be afraid of trying. I no longer worry whether I can manage an activity. It is rather “what’s next?” 


Jeremy Cocchetto

Exercise Coach

Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist

164A Oxford Street

Ingersoll ON Canada

N5C 2V7

Tel: 519-670-0750

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